The College Team Trains Story

Two Friends Who Love Sports & Trains

College Team Trains was formed as the result of an idea discussed between two longtime friends who are passionate college athletic fans. Both friends have young children who are enamored with the very popular Thomas the Train toy engines.

We decided a collegiate train from our alma maters compatible with our childrens’ Thomas the Train sets would be a wonderful addition to their collections and a great way to teach their children about important traditions. Once they discovered such a product was not available, they immediately formed a company to market the product themselves.

A passion for sports and a love of family and trains fueled our mission to deliver great wooden toy trains with officially licensed team logos and colors to living rooms and train tables around the country. We hope you appreciate the attention to detail and great lengths we go to in order to accurately represent your favorite college teams on your favorite toy trains!

The Beginning

In 2011 College Team Trains went through the extensive collegiate licensing screening process and was able to secure agreements to market the trains for five schools; Auburn University, Clemson University, Louisiana State University (LSU), University of Tennessee and University of Virginia. The initial five trains were very popular and College Team Trains has rapidly added more schools in order to meet demand.

We are continuing to pursue licensing with additional schools & we will continue to add to the product line as the popularity of the trains continues to grow! You can spread the word on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube.

Don’t See Your Team?

If you don’t see your team represented on our site, we’d love to hear from you about which teams to add to our lineup!

Submit your suggestion for new teams here – we appreciate your feedback and look forward to adding more teams to our wheelhouse in the future.

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