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Collegiately branded wooden toy trains that work perfectly with your child or grandchilds’ favorite wooden train sets!

Engine, Boxcar, & Track Sets

Engine & Boxcar Sets

Track Sets

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These train engines show your spirit loud and proud! Engines feature logos on the front, official university branding along the sides, and official team colors to match. These engines utilize magnetic connectors to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of wooden train tracks and sets.

Find your College Team Train engine today!

Boxcars feature your team logo on the roof and university branding on the side! These boxcars attach to your existing train set with standard magnetic connectors on the front and back, so your loved ones can show their team spirit.

Get a boxcar for your team or your entire conference!

College Team Trains track sets work seamlessly with all wooden tracks to add character to your train set. Mark your territory with these 5″ track pieces that are marked with your official university logo and matching track signs with your team colors & logo!

Find your teams track and sign set here.

About Us

Our love of our children, trains, and our favorite college teams came together in one incredible product. Read our story.



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You see, our kids, like yours (or your grandkids) absolutely LOVE playing with wooden toy trains. They were obsessed with watching the shows, reading the books, even talking us into going to live events to see their favorite characters in person (don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about!)

And to be honest, the smile on our children’s faces as their eyes lit up playing with their favorite little wooden train is totally worth every minute and every dollar spent.

So in the never ending pursuit of providing our little loved ones with joy & happiness, we sought to give them a present they would cherish long after their love of the TV & book characters and the live events had turned into golden, fond memories. After countless hours scouring the web for the perfect gift, we couldn’t find anything truly special to give to our little conductors.

Child reaching for a wooden toy train from College Team Trains
Child holding a brand new wooden toy train engine from College Team Trains

You mean there’s no one making trains our kids love now that show off the teams they’ll love forever?” The lightbulb went off for us, two longtime friends who love our kids, love our trains and love our college teams. And after a lengthy process that resembled a train trip across the country and back, College Team Trains was born.

We take pride in providing ultra high quality wooden toy trains, engines, boxcars, tracks, and track signs that are compatible with all of the most popular brands on the market today and branded with the official logos and colors of your favorite college teams from around the country. We know that whether you select a set for your little train fan or your loving team fan, they will fall in love!

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your favorite team fan or train fan (or heck, that perfect present for yourself!) then you can rest assured you’re in the right place. We’ve gone through extensive product sourcing and safety testing to ensure a safe, high quality product that’s compatible with your child’s favorite wood and magnet trains and toys so you can shop with confidence.

From our train table to yours, we invite you to share your love and show your spirit with a train from College Team Trains.

Mark & Randy from College Team Trains
Non Power 5 Conferences Engines from College Team Trains

Complete Your Favorite Wooden Train Set!

Conference Sets

Conference sets bring the atmosphere and fun of campus gameday straight to your play table, desk, man cave, TV set, or anywhere else you choose! Whether you’re looking for Engines, Boxcars, or Tracks we’ve got you covered!

Team Sets

Each team set brings the spirit of the season straight to life. Perfect for both play and display on your child or grandchild’s play table, your work desk, husband’s man cave, the family TV set, or anywhere you want to show your team pride!

Engines & Boxcars

Engines and Boxcars complement and complete your existing wooden train sets! Whether your want to lead the way to victory station or make sure your team pride is on full display, these engines and boxcars will bring a smile to your face.

Track Sets

Mark your track layout with team pride! These track sets come with track markers and a branded section of track.

Show everybody which team really owns your track, even when the train is in the station!

Completely Compatible

College Team Trains are compatible with the most popular brands of wooden toy trains with magnetic couplings. These trains complement the toys and trains your child or grandchild already loves!

Officially Licensed

College Team Trains is licensed to display your favorite college’s official logos and colors on our trains. That means your team is accurately represented and supported by your purchase.

We know you love your team, and we take great pride in making sure you get authentic trains for your favorite fan! We are the first and only licensed company making wooden train toys with official team and event logos.

Make sure that you see the CLC logo on any collegiate purchase to ensure it’s authenticity!

Safety Tested copy

All trains undergo rigorous testing by an independent testing agency in order to ensure they comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) regulations for your child’s safety.

College Team Trains engines, boxcars, tracks, and track signs are made from wood and are safe for children and adults aged 2 & up!